Final: Notes



1.    Know the characteristics of all the plant families we’ve reviewed, especially the more recent ones. There will be some unknowns for you to identify to family and/or genus in class. Please bring your plant keys.

2.    Life forms – you needn’t memorize Raunkiaer terminology, but know the characteristics and traits of the different life forms.

3.    Dispersion – know the different dispersion patterns of desert plants, and the forces (interactions) that influence those patterns.

4.    Plot measures – know the different plot measurements we’ve discussed and gathered, and their importance. E.g. density, cover, richness, evenness, diversity, etc.

5.    Gradient analysis – know the methods, observations, and conclusions we came up with on the gradient analysis lab we did up Lee Canyon Rd.

6.    Lecture on plant invasions.

7.    Handouts on invasions and biodiversity.


Exam layout

1.    About 55% short answer (multiple choice and matching).

2.    Short answer, paragraph length (about 30%)

3.    Unknowns for you to identify (5-10%)

4.    Your own question and answer: Must require an answer of at least one paragraph. Must be written in class without notes. Must be a question and answer relevant to the course, and not one already asked on the final. (5%)

5.    Self-evaluation: write down the grade you feel you deserve in the class, based upon the effort you put into the class, and what you got out of the class. Justify any answer of a B or above. (5%)


Besides this, thank you very much for a good and enlightening semester. This class was certainly one of the sharpest groups of students I’ve taught in many years. I wish you all happiness, good health, and success in your future endeavors. Feel free to drop by and say hello when you pass by my cabin door. I truly hope you’ve learned something of plants and deserts (our surroundings and co-inhabitants) in the course of the semester, and have found some pleasure in the process.


Be well,